FIERA ANTIQUARIA - Antiques market

Every first Sunday of the month and every previous Saturday.

On June 2, 1968, on the occasion of Republic Day, the Antiques Fair was born, the first event of its kind in Italy and still the largest after many years spent without any interruption in the dense monthly cadence between an edition and the other.

giostra del saracino

Main historical re-enactment divided into 2 editions, the penultimate Saturday of June by night and the first Sunday of September by day.

It is an ancient chivalric competition, which has its origins in the Middle Ages and which consists in hitting a target, placed on the shield that Buratto (a revolving automaton impersonating the "King of the Indies") holds on his left arm with a blow of launches at the end of a fast career on horseback. All without being hit by the flail, embraced by the Buratto himself in the right arm, which is operated by a spring mechanism that increases the rotation action already impressed by the stroke of the rider.


Arezzo Equestrian Center is one of the largest and most important Show Grounds in the world dedicated to horse riding, it is the new reality of equestrian sports, a meeting point for people who love the world of horses, for simple enthusiasts and for anyone who decides to tying your image to the most exclusive, elegant and refined circuit of events in Italy.